Heart - 'Fanatic'

By Claudine Paul,
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Rock band Heart, fronted by Ann and Nancy Wilson, follows nearly four decades of hit music with the release of a new powerhouse charged music release.

Fanatic, the band's 14th studio output, offers ten new tracks that updates the band's sound by moving in different directions to experimentation with new sounds in combination with what has become the "classic" Heart sound. Featuring the production of legendary music producer Ben Mink, the band starts off with lead track and released single, "Fanatic," leading to the nostalgic and orchestral nuances of "Dear Old America."

The third track, "Walkin' Good," which marks a tempo breather, features a complementary guest vocal appearance by singer Sarah McLachlan. "Skin And Bones," the release's catchiest and grooviest track, features hands down what has yet to become one of the 'baddest' Funk riffs out on any album track released this year.

A "Million Miles," harnessed by Wilson's powerhouse performance, then sneaks in some Bluegrass/Folk intonations, while "59 Crunch" has enough of that "classic" spunk to cheer any band purist at heart. There is also a scenic undertone, though all inspired lyrical content throughout are of personal and universal themes, given perhaps to the publicly acknowledged understanding that most of the recording was completed on the West Coast of America.

Other highlighted tracks include "Pennsylvania," "Mashallah," "Rock Deep (Vancouver)," and "Corduroy Road."

Heart's new release, Fanatic, is a traveling sonic adventure that will not fail to turn any new music listener into a Heart 'fanatic."



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