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By Gabriela Penaherrera ,
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The Inbetweeners Movie soundtrack is very upbeat and fun and is good for young adults. The techno and dance electronica song list is pretty simple and reminds me of something you would hear at the shopping mall.

This British comedy is rated R and is similar to Superbad, and the music is just right for the content. With some rock songs mixed in, the soundtrack makes you want to watch the movie, and then watch the entire series that the movie is based on in one sitting.

Mike Skinner is the composer of this dance/techno inspired soundtrack. He uses this upbeat music to go with the flow of the movie's story line which shows four friends becoming men and taking a holiday to Malia, where they engage in sex, drinking, partying, and a slew of other crazy antics.

It consists of Ke$ha's "Blow" remix, dance favorites like Calvin Harris's "Feel So Close," Axwell's "Nothing But Love," to the popular Yolanda Be Cool's "We No Speak Americano," and Everything Everything's "My KZ, UR BF."

Skinner's own songs are very much influenced by the techno dance scene with tracks "No Problemo," "We Are Go," "Moanatronic 5000," "Clunge in a Barrel" which is from the Inbetweeners show, to "Waving Not Drowning," and "Do It."

There is also some rock to be heard on the soundtrack from the likes of the Vines' "Gimme Love," Miles Kane's "Quicksand," and Deer Tick's "Twenty Miles." We also hear Morning Runner's theme song, "Gave Up in Flames." Most of the rock songs are true to the show's usual soundtrack.

We think clubheads, rockers, and anyone who just likes to party with their friends would enjoy this.



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