The Last Bison's 'Inheritance'

By Ashley Houk,
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The Last Bison debut on the folk scene with their first major label EP, Inheritance. Released in October with Republic Records, the earthy tunes take listeners back to time before there were so many genre distinctions.

Tiptoe into the album with “Switzerland” as plucky high notes and deep strums engender heritage as a longtime friend, not to be forgotten, through a hymnal feel. And it’s no surprise that the rest of the EP should follow suit.

“Distance” dives in with a sense of urgency as vocalist, Ben Hardesty ‘yearns,’ then creates a world where down-to-earth percussion lead the movement, only momentarily broken with a verse or interlude backed by simple strings. The ominous “Dark Am I” relies, almost solely, on the talent of their classically trained string musicians. Finally, sway out with the ballad “River Rhine.”

Inheritance, in its short breadth, creates an authentic sense of ties between people and their importance. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the group is composed of close-knit friends and family, or more simply because The Last Bison has created a sound that can remind listeners of their own roots through love, in the familial sense.



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