'Midnight Sun' by Leslie Lewis gives life back to Jazz

By Samantha Reba,
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The moment I played the first song off of Leslie Lewis’ album Midnight Sun, I was instantly taken in by the smooth tones and her melodic voice which is smooth, strong and fierce. Her voice makes her stand apart in the jazz world.

Lewis is entering jazz into a whole new era with her use of nostalgic instruments and strong vocals. She portrays a strong, independent singer through her lyrics. Even the most skeptic listeners of jazz can envision themselves in a coffee shop on a brisk fall day.

Each song is filled with soft piano tones and the perfect amount of saxophone. The songs are romantic and embracing. They’re positive, even in songs where hesitance is heard within her lyrics. Lewis is strong on her emotions and feelings.

Her lyrics are simplistic and relateable. She is the new age voice of the jazz world.



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