'On The Move' by Kiwi

By Tori Kronz,
Great Beat and Solid Lyrics
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On the Move is a really enjoyable album.

Let me get it out of the way at the very beginning that throughout the album it is almost impossible to stop bobbing your head along with the strong but mellow beat. The songs have a great mix of rock and Caribbean feels. They also have a great mix of lyrical songs and instrumentals. I think my favorite of the songs is “Pirambu.” It starts out with a big band feel that quickly transitions perfectly into the Caribbean beat that seems to be the staple of this album then occasionally gets a taste of that big band feel again. I will freely admit to not really knowing what the song is about, but I find it hard to care too much. My other favorite, since I cannot possibly pick just one with this album, is “Lady Lady.” The lyrics in it are just great and it keeps up a great Caribbean beat. There is a lot of really nice nature imagery in the song, which I enjoy. I could go on, but I would probably just end up listing almost all of these songs as favorites.

Not knowing what the songs are about continues throughout the album, since a few of the songs are not in English or any other language I know. Not knowing what is happening in a song is usually an issue for me and I find it hard to get into those songs. Those songs could be about anything and amongst those potential topics are things I do not like. However, with Kiwi’s album, it is hard to care. The songs are just too mellow to imagine they could be about anything bad (other then possibly a negative personal history). Plus, how could a group called Kiwi, whether it be about the fruit, the bird, New Zealanders or any other reference, be anything other than great?

I would recommend this album to just about anyone who enjoys a decent beat to their music. It is certainly a good alternative for those of us who do not particularly enjoy popular dance music. This album would not really work for a club, but for a small gathering mixing these songs in with the usual mix would provide a good variety. “On The Move” is probably also great for people who enjoy more classical music, since, on the songs with lyrics, the instruments tend to overwhelm the lyrics a bit. If you are more of a heavy metal type, you probably will not like this album. There is absolutely nothing harsh or even fast in this album. Let me just finish this review how it began, I love this album.



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