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By Connor Murphy,
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Neon Hitch is the up-and-coming British singer/songwriter best known for her feature on the Gym Class Heroes single "Ass Back Home." She's a talented singer, and anticipating her debut album release Beg, Borrow, and Steal is set to happen at some point this year. In the process, she's managed to come up with a six-song EP titled Happy Neon. It gives us a hint of what to expect from her up-and-coming album, and also helps us get a good idea of who she is.

Neon Hitch carries a modern pop style, with the slight hint of hip-hop undertone. She's got a singing voice that can carry her to success. I think the underlying element in this EP is that Neon Hitch is an interesting act, with plenty of sass, not afraid to speak her mind along with an expletive here and there, but she’s also an artist in her own way.

Happy Neon is split up into two styles. I feel the last two songs would find the most success, "Jailhouse" and "Born To Be Remembered." For no other reason than the fact that they sound like more mainstream tracks, while songs like "Pink Fields" or "The Wizard Believe" are examples of Neon Hitch's more artsy style tracks.

Happy Neon is a good example of what we can look forward to in her upcoming debut album. It’s my personal opinion that this album could be overlooked, and if you're interested, you're better off waiting for the debut album to be released to really make a decision on Neon Hitch.

However, if you're interested and don't want to wait, the EP is still worth a listen. It serves the purpose of the EP to hold fans over, while hopefully bringing in some new ones between albums. Regardless, look for Neon Hitch's Beg, Borrow, and Steal, set to release later this year, to make up your mind on this talent.

The album is being streamed for free at Billboard.com

Neon Hitch - "Born To Be Remembered":



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