Royal Bliss 'Waiting Out The Storm' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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I've only recently listened to Royal Bliss, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by Waiting Out The Storm. I've realized since listening that the band has been around since 97' and has released eight studio albums total, including this one which is self-released through their own Air Castle Records. The band has also went through plenty of hardships, some of which were life-altering, and knowing this, it adds another level of depth to the band's music. With all this in mind, I took a look into the album.

Waiting Out The Storm kicks off with "I Got This", which is a great track to begin with because it drew me in immediately. It kicks off with a solid bass-line and then rips the track open with the rough and ready vocals of Neil Middleton and the backup guitars present a very good rock song and a solid pump-up track. I immediately get the urge to throw comparisons to bands such as Hinder or Buckcherry and others that fit into that group. They don't let up with the next track "Monster" which is also another excellent rock jam.

My personal favorite from the album follows with "Bleed My Soul." I think this track stands out because it takes a step back from the shredding and puts a little soul to the music. The track is a bit simpler, but it is an excellent tribute to rock music, "Gonna bleed my soul, with rock and roll." The song has a vintage feel and offers a sing-along style chorus. It stands out a lot to me.

The unfortunate portion in my opinion is that the album begins with such power, and I think showcases the best of Royal Bliss, but then drops off into some mainstream rock in the middle. Of course, some slow songs and mainstream tracks are expected here and there, you want recognition on the airwaves. I just feel like some of these songs under whelm. This includes the single "Crazy." It's a slower tempo, cute kind of song, but aims to people please more than showcasing Royal Bliss' true potential. I understand why they chose to use the song as the single, it might reach a wider variety of listeners, but I don't think it shows what Royal Bliss is capable of.

Note, I'm not discrediting these tracks, they are still good rock tracks, I just feel they aim to hit mainstream rock radio while the Royal Bliss tracks I enjoy the most feel somewhat under-valued.

This seems to stay true until the last song of the album, "High on Fire." It stands out and is the second best track on the album. It ups the ante lyrically and showcases some of the better talent the band can do instrumentally. It's another very good original song.

I've become a fan of Royal Bliss after listening to Waiting Out The Storm. I suggest the album, and I'm looking forward to checking out the other albums the band has released. This band's been through a lot and they deserve some recognition for being able to keep going strong. The album is a good reflection of the point in the bands career, and I'm looking forward to see what lies ahead for them.

Royal Bliss - "Crazy":



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