'Scandal' Recap

By Nicole Allen ,
A Criminal, A Whore, an Idiot, and a Liar
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Senator Edison tells Olivia that President Sally Langston is planning a meeting to expose the forgery of the letter. Senator Edison believes that she had something to do with the letter and is lying about it all. He also tells Olivia that he believes that she had an affair with the President.

Olivia tells Senator Edison that he is absurd, and kicks him out for insulting her in such a way.

President Fitzgerald shows up to Sally Langston’s meeting. Everyone is shocked, it is as if everyone was looking at a ghosts.

Through flashbacks the audience finally gets a glimpse of Fitzgerald Grant as a person. The flashbacks reveal the final months before the election. Fitz has a great team around him; they support him and want him to win desperately. But could this team believe in him because of their personal selfish greed? Everyone closest to him has something to gain by him winning the Presidential Election except Olivia.

Also, in the months dwindling down to the election, the audience finally sees that Hollis Doyle has always been a snake in the garden of votes. Doyle encourages Mel, Verna, and Cyrus to hop on his evil train of election rigging.

Of course, Olivia wants Fitz to win, but she wants him to win the right way. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t. Once it sets in that Fitz will lose, Olivia agrees. She has a serious inner conflict, and did not agree until one day before the election. Fitz doesn’t have a clue of what happened at all.

Throughout the campaign, Fitz is a noble and humble character. He refuses to run a dirty campaign, despite pressure from his very influential father.

During the last days of the election, the audience also sees how Pope and Associates finally gets started. Fitzgerald’s father wants to dig up dirt on the other candidate. Olivia gathers Harrison, Abby, and Huck together to work as a team to find something to use against the candidate. They discover that he is addicted to the anti-depressant Prozac. However, during a debate where Fitz has a clear cut chance to use this matter against his opponent, he takes the high road and chooses not to. Once again, showing how admirable he really is.

The days following up to the election also show how deep Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is. She holds him after his father dies, she believes in him and what he stands for as a person, and most of all Olivia admires him. The whole time, his wife, Mel is busy with other election tasks and rarely has time to comfort the president. The two have yet to have one genuine conversation. Their marriage seemed to be extinct long before Fitz became President.

After a long and stressful day, President Fitzgerald and his wife are getting ready for bed. Mel turns to him and asks “what do you want, if you could have anything?” The President responds saying: “I want a divorce.”



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