Sevendust - 'Black Out The Sun'

By Drew Barile,
featuring review of the single 'Decay'
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Black Out The Sunis scheduled for a March 26, 2013 release, Sevendust will be releasing the ninth album with original guitarist Clint Lowery who took an absence from 2003-2009. The album will be released on their own 7Bros. Records label.

Clint had described the album to Source Of The Sound With Wendy Campbell as, “…a basic Sevendust record. There’s nothing, like, too completely different than anything we’ve done before. It’s got a darker vibe to it. We’ve got a good amount of the programming element in there. It’s a lot of what we do. it’s heavy and it’s got its melodic element in it."

He has also commented, "So if you're a Sevendust fan, it's more along the lines of the second and third records we did — it's kind of like that. It's got a couple of throwback vibes to it. Animosity [2002] and Home [1999], if I can put those two records together, it would [sound similar to the new CD]."

On Jan. 22, Sevendust released the first single from the album called “Decay.” Which can be heard below:

The single teeters between a firm and rough bombarding vibe from guitarist Clint Lowery and John Connolly's smashing rhythms . The single also incorporates that traditional Morgan Rose, Vinnie Hornsby, and Lajon Witherspoon's screams from the gizzards. It starts with a strange and creepy feedback, then breaks into a clean guitar riff; that builds steadily. Then the song crashes into a semi-audible gurgling verse (traditional to Sevendust). The song all and all is catchy and solid, it is most certainly that Sevendust sound we all know and love.

The album will be released March 26, 2013. Below is a teaser for the album:



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