The Silver Snails, 7 Melodies

By Ashley Houk,
Debut EP
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Husband and wife duo, The Silver Snails, debut with their 2012 The 7 Melodies. Based in the wine country of Romagna, Italy, the pair have been influenced by a number and wide range of genres and styles.

Almost all of the songs on the album have bases of psychedelic and electronic elements, which aid in creating cohesion. However, no two songs are alike, and listeners should prepare to experience an onslaught of sounds and genres.

"Dancing with the Stars" pulls in influences of Americana and gospel to start the adventure off. "Temple Princess" stays with some of these themes but is also paired with an orchestral background that portrays the realities of daily life in a romantic and mysterious way.

Moving ahead, songs like "Beatrice Russo" and "Danza dei Foulard" are calming and meditative. These tracks are mainly instrumental and influenced heavily by more traditional genres like eastern folk and Irish. Yet, "Danza dei Foulard," probably my favorite track, combines an aspect from most of the band’s influences into a cohesive dance beat.

Overall, the album left me feeling like I had stepped into an anime or into some fantasy world. Because influences range from modern alternative to classical to Asian folk, The Silver Snails is for the eclectic listener who wants to be transplanted into a different kind of reality -- a reality where romance and mystery abound, where the unexpected always occurs. And for listeners who, like me, aren’t in love, the level of experimentation should at least be commended.



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