Skrillex 'Leaving' EP Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Skrillex just couldn’t stay away for too long. He recently released a three track EP titled Leaving seemingly on a whim. Yet, it’s a solid EP.

For those of you who don't know Skrillex, the man's real name is Sonny Moore, formerly the lead singer of the alternative hardcore band From First To Last. Moore left to pursue a solo career from the band in 2007 and never looked back. Now better known as Skrillex, he has become one of the top dogs in the electro/dub-step music genre. Leaving is the sixth EP from Skrillex, and it's pretty good.

I have found myself having difficulty getting into the new electronic era of music with dub-step and all that, but I've noticeably been a fan of Skrillex, as I'm sure most in my similar situation would. He makes getting into dub-step music easy with some lighter floating electro-music, as well as those hard bass-thumping tracks that will really get you moving (The latter being my favorite).

But Leaving, I feel, is a good EP for Skrillex, as it seems to showcase his skills in simply three songs. On the more notable side, the first and third tracks "Leaving" and "The Reason" were both made spontaneously in hotel rooms, while "The Reason" was finished only an hour before the EP release.

My favorite off of Leaving is the second track "Scary Bolly Dub." This showcases the hard thumping, high energy head banging electro beat that has come to be expected from Skrillex. It's a really fun song to get into, and samples pieces off his previous tracks from 2010, "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" and "F**king Die 1." This track has been more of a DJ tool, as he'd been using it in many of his previous set-lists, but he wanted to give it to his fans.

Otherwise, Leaving is a look into the life of Skrillex at the moment. The newer tracks "Leaving" and "The Reason" are on the lighter side of what has come to be expected of Skrillex music, but it's a reflection as to where he is in life right now. Sonny Moore is a relatively newer DJ thrown into the fast lane of success in a rapidly growing genre with plenty of room to grow.

With that said, I enjoyed Leaving. It's short, but serves it's purpose. I can only anxiously anticipate what Skrillex will come out with next, but I'm sure it will be big.

The EP can be streamed in full below.



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