Svoy 'Solved' Album Review

By Connor Murphy,
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Svoy is a Russian electronica artist doing his thing on the keyboards as well as throwing in vocals. His latest EP, Solved, poses a similarity to a Daft Punk style of electronica, but the problem is the energy isn't really there. It may be me being new to the electronica genre, but Solved isn’t a very good album in the sense that I wouldn't listen to it again. I'm sure it fits the genre well, but in my opinion, it might be better suited to background music to films rather than an album to be listened to on a regular basis.

His beats are low, and his voice is soft. It's a good combination for this style, but sometimes on tracks such as "Solved," the two conflict and it sounds almost like there is too much going on and it becomes a bit of a mess. "Tonight" is where I draw similarities to Daft Punk with a low floating melody with a soft voice. It's calming but just doesn't jump out. The track "Boston" is the instrumental where I could see finding some success in background music.

In essence, you can hear the talent as an independent electronica artist, but unfortunately I wouldn't recommend Svoy's EP Solved. However, to each his own, give this track a listen and feel Svoy out for yourself.

Svoy - "Tonight":



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