5 After 4's 'Rome in a Day' album review

By Shay Trotter,
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5 After 4’s album, Rome in a Day, features a pleasant mix of soothing tempos and upbeat rhythms that will you keep you both relaxed and intrigued.

The jazz group is comprised of drummer/composer Vito Rezza, keyboardist Matt Horner, saxophonist John Johnson and bassist/producer Peter Cardinali. This is their sixth album, which was released in August 2011 by independent label ALMA records.

Most of the tracks are around four minutes long, though “Rome in a Day” and “Animal Crackers” certainly surpass that at around 12 and 15 minutes, respectively. While the lengthier numbers are still enjoyable overall, I felt that they become a bit monotonous at times and easily could have been shortened.

The song “And the Children Sing” is, in my opinion, one of the best on the album, particularly for its cheery tone and fast-moving tempo. The title also seems to be a proper fit for the number, due to the feel-good mood it conveys. “African Love Affair” has a similar rhythm that tempts the listener to tap their foot and sway to the beat.

Another track that stands out among the others is “Top Hat," which is unimpressive and one of the weakest songs on the album. For me, the song is not as harmonious as others and tends to be a bit choppy. The tempo changes so often that it becomes difficult to simply enjoy the piece without focusing on the constantly shifting rhythms.

However, overall, the songs on the album are soothing, making them the perfect background music for those days when you want a simple but upbeat musical experience.



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