Album Review: Venrez, 'Sell the Lie'

By Elizabeth O'Laughlin,
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In a world where mainstream music is made primarily of auto-tune and synthesizers, Venrez give us the sound of a real rock band, with guitars, drums, bass, and raw vocals. Their debut album “Sell the Lie” is 10 tracks of head banging guitar solos and cymbal-heavy drumbeats.

The band prides themselves on their recording system- every member crams into the studio at the same time and records live. The difference in sound does not go unnoticed. It’s like listening to a “live in concert” album but without the distracting clapping and cheering. You get the live concert experience through digital tracks.

The records title track, “Sell the Lie,” comments on the “lies” that big business, governments, and other organizations try to sell to the people. The first line, “so many atrocities, all of which the world has seen” pretty much sets the political tone.

“Can’t Find My Way Home” is the obligatory rock ballad. We hear a more calm and soothing side of lead singer Steven Berez’s voice, and the track is a nice break from the previous 7 jams.

“Karma” is a rock and roll anthem. This is the main single from the band. Watch out, because it will probably get stuck in your head. The harmonies in the chorus are simple and effective, the beat is solid, and the guitar leads are strong.

Venrez is doing something different with their music, and they’re doing it well. It’s a refreshing throwback to earlier rock and roll musical eras.



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