'Arrow' Recap: Season 1, Episode 15 - 'Dodger'

By Alyssa DeSocio,
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In this episode of Arrow, a thief known as the Dodger arrives in Sterling City and puts Felicity in danger. Oliver and Detective McKenna go out on a date while Diggle and Carly do the same. Thea and Laurel chase down a new character named Roy Harper after he steals Thea’s purse. Moira becomes concerned about the danger of her family so she sets a target on Malcolm.

A red jewel sits in the center of a heavily guarded case as two security guards approach. One tells the other it was requested to be moved into the vault because there have been a lot of robberies taking place. As the glass rises from the box, one guard steals the jewel and hits the other over the head. As he circles the corner, he stops to hand the jewel to a man known as the Dodger. The Dodger then releases a device from the guard’s neck and knocks him out.

As Oliver is training in his hideout, he tells Diggle and Felicity they should go home because there is not much happening. Felicity hacks the security and locks the doors so Oliver can’t leave. She tells Oliver to do good because the man he is currently after is the widower father of a 10-year-old boy. Oliver says he only wants to give him a warning. He unlocks the system and Felicity walks out saying working with them might be a mistake.

Flashback: Drake is in a lot of pain from his gunshot wound that has now become infected. Oliver tells Drake he will return to the cave to find the special remedy that he was given when he was hurt.

In present time, Frank appears at the Queen mansion and speaks to Moira. Moira tells him she wants out because she has reached her limit and doesn’t want to put her family in danger.

As Oliver and Diggle wait at Felicity’s office, they fear she might have gone to the police with their secret. When Felicity enters, Oliver explains to her how he only gave the man a warning and everything turned out fine in the end. Felicity understands and mentions the Dodger as a new target to take down, but he is not on Oliver’s list. Oliver tells her sometimes he goes beyond the list to help others.

The Dodger arrives to meet up with a new client who would like to purchase the jewel. He hands the buyer a card with an account he would like the money wired into. When the buyer gives him a problem, the Dodger knocks out the guards and shoots him.

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity sit together inside the diner. Felicity and Oliver convince Diggle to ask out Carly. Felicity then convinces Oliver to ask out Detective McKenna so he can plant a device in her phone and they can hear her conversations. Diggle asks out Carly and she accepts for that night.

Laurel and Thea stop at a hotdog stand and discuss work. A young gentleman rushes past them and steals Thea’s purse. When they finally catch up, he climbs a fence and escapes. Laurel finds a chain that fell off his wallet.

Oliver goes to see Detective McKenna and thanks her for everything she has done. He asks her about the Dodger case but she only responds that it is going slow. When she turns away, he plants the device on her phone. Oliver asks her to go to dinner and she agrees to accompany him that night.

Flashback: Oliver arrives at the cave and sees a beaten man who begs for his help.

At present, Oliver, Felicity and Diggle listen to a phone call Detective McKenna is having about the Dodger.

Thea sits in her room on her computer and does some research about the wallet chain. When Oliver appears, Thea tells him to be himself on his date. She then receives a phone call telling her the name of the thief is Roy Harper. Thea calls Laurel with the information and asks for help from her father, Detective Lance.

On Diggle and Carly’s date, they talk about the past and Carly is glad they finally got around to spending time together. Diggle brings up Andy, which gets Carly upset.

Oliver and Detective McKenna are sitting in a nice restaurant when the mood changes as she begins to ask him questions about being on the island. Oliver gets flashes of himself and mentions how much it changed him. Detective McKenna’s phone rings just as Oliver says he doesn’t want to talk about the island anymore. After Detective McKenna leaves for a work issue, Oliver calls Felicity about a potential lead.

Flashback: The young man in the cave explains to Oliver that he was on a fishing excursion with his class and there was a malfunction on the boat. They had to jump ship and he was the only one who made it. He says soldiers found him and beat him.

Currently, the Dodger and another potential buyer discuss the jewel while walking through a warehouse. The police arrive causing a shootout. The Dodger runs away and exits the building. The vigilante appears on the roof and shoots an arrow down at him. The Dodger hides behind a dumpster and throws one of his necklace bombs to escape.

Back at Oliver’s hideout, Felicity remarks how she heard on the news the Dodger got away. She asks both Oliver and Diggle how their dates went but they immediately change the subject. Felicity does some research on the Dodger and sees that he will be attending a fund-raiser auction. Oliver feels this will be a great way to lead him out in the open. When Felicity doubts him, Diggle replies, “ You really have no idea how rich his family is, do you?”

Roy Harper is in the interrogation room speaking to Detective Lance. Laurel and Thea stand behind the glass to listen. Roy says he doesn’t want to steal but his mother has a problem with the drug Vertigo and he needs the money for medical bills. Thea feels sympathetic and lets him go without pressing charges.

Frank visits Moira again and hands her a piece of paper with information on who to meet with in order to solve her problem. Moira tells him she wants a clue as to where Walter is. Frank says it is about what fate has in store for them.

Meanwhile, at the auction, Felicity puts a tracking device on a piece of jewelry they believe the Dodger will steal. When the tracker starts moving, Felicity turns to see the Dodger standing behind her. While Diggle and Oliver look around, Felicity appears in a panic with the necklace bomb on and says if she calls the police it will blow up.

Oliver rushes to find the Dodger while Felicity and Diggle stay behind to guide him using the tracker. Oliver needs a faster way of transportation so he knocks a guy out and steals his motorcycle. Oliver eventually catches up to the Dodger and throws an arrow in his tire, flipping the car over. When the Dodger emerges, he holds up the detonator to the necklace. Oliver severs the nerve in his arm and takes the device from his hand. The Dodger pleads that he is exactly like him because he steals from the rich. Oliver knocks him out and admits, “I’m not Robin Hood.”

Flashback: As the young man begs for help, Oliver becomes more suspicious. He tells Oliver the soldiers were called away because of an altercation allowing him the chance to escape. Oliver decides not to untie him because he doesn’t trust him.

Back in present day, Diggle and Carly walk through the park and he explains how he did not want to hurt her. He was doing more thinking than feeling. They share a kiss for the first time.

Thea approaches a house in the Glades. Roy Harper answers the door and immediately closes it when he sees its Thea. She tells him she would rather not have the conversation through the door so he gives in and opens it. Roy assumes Thea is some bratty rich girl who got everything she ever wanted. Thea retaliates by mentioning all the negative events that have happened in her life and demands her purse back. When he hands her back her purse, she searches through it to make sure everything is there. Roy holds up a pack of cigarettes and gives her advice to stay out of the Glades and never fall for a sob story.

Oliver goes to see Detective McKenna at the police station again. He tells her how he didn’t feel alive, how hard his choices were, and most importantly about trust. Oliver and McKenna kiss. After, Detective Lance arrives and asks McKenna if she would like to work with him on the vigilante case. Of course, she accepts.

Flashback: Oliver returns to Drake with the remedy. Drake says he owes him one and asks if he got into any trouble on his way to and from the cave. Oliver replies no.

Presently, Moira meets with China White and demands she kill Malcolm for her.



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