Elizabeth Mitchell: 'Blue Clouds.'

By Samantha Reba,
Author Rating: 
3.0 Stars - It's Good

Elizabeth Mitchell released Blue Clouds. This folk CD is composed of folk tunes that are perfect for adults and all aged children. The songs integrate the talented voices of Mitchell and children.

The songs are children appropriate, educational, relaxing and fun.

The songs celebrate landscape and nature, especially with the notion of being free and happy. The songs celebrate family, love and a valued appreciation for life and the beautiful world.

There is a perfect balance of vocals and instruments that paint a picture of natural unity and appreciation.

The CD appeals to a wide variety of audiences through the use of instrumentals. Prominent instruments include the violin, banjo and the amazing vocals of Mitchell who is accompanied by her extended family.

The tracks are ideal for children with the beautiful imagery of rolling landscapes, blooming flowers and nautical creatures.

The feelings are increased by the added vocals of Mitchell’s daughter and her husband David Littleton, who add to the family friendly characteristics of the tracks.

The CD has 16 tracks which include tracks, "Hop Up My Ladies," "Rollin Baby," "Moon Don’t Go" and "Circle of the Sun."



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