Hardcoretet – ‘Do It Live’ Review

February 20 22:02 2013


If you’re looking for music that defies labeling and is played by musicians who think outside the box, then you should definitely listen to Do It Live by Hardcoretet.

This Seattle-based fusion band jam-packs its 31-minute EP (a shorter version of an album) with elements of soul, rock, jazz and a whole lot of improv to create their unique sound. The instrumental quartet will remind you of Medeski Martin & Wood, a band at the forefront of the avant garde, experimental jazz genre. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill, but after listening to Do It Live, there’s no question that Hardcoretet is up for the challenge.

Their latest album consists of five original compositions written by each of the members, but the fascinating part is that the tracks were recorded live with no cuts or edits. This makes for a very intense listening experience because improvised music is raw and emotional, especially when you’re witnessing it first-hand. But since this is a recording, and we’re not able to see them play live, we get the next best thing – the sounds are unfiltered.

It’s hard to describe music that can’t really be placed in a category, so I can only say that the melodies are incredibly infectious, attention-grabbing and full of twists and turns. You never know where these guys will be taking you next. It’s something you have to listen to on your own in order to appreciate, and I highly recommend you give it a chance.

For more information on Do It Live, please visit Hardcoretet’s website.

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