'Hawaii 5-0' Recap: 'Kekoa - Warrior' episode

By Jackie Morrison,
The Oedpius and Athena Complex episode
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Remember that old 80’s song by Patty Smyth and Scandal called “I Am The Warrior”? Well … be careful what you declare yourself because consequences can be dangerous. A Honolulu secret fight club turns lethal and results in the death of a local martial arts master.

The episode begins with a Bachelorette party leaving a club only to be rear-ended by a dark vehicle with a lifeless person in the back trunk. Just before the women notice what’s in the other car, two dark figures cloaked in hoodies are seen shooting the trunk. As the ladies start screaming its clear something bad happened that same night in Honolulu. Hawaii 5-0's next case is looking much more than clandestine.

Our next scene is Hawaii’s resident Commander Adonis with an Oedipus complex. Steve McGarrett is paying a visit to a P.I. named Mick (but not named Magnum because Tom Selleck is in New York and starring on Blue Bloods now) who is an ex-Navy Intelligence buddy of his. Our former Seal Steve reveals to his pal that he wants him to spy on Doris, Mama McGarrett. Steve’s friend tells him he needs therapy but the Commander and ex-Navy Seal is insistent. Curiosity kills the cat because Adonis goes from Oedipus to Cupid or Eros as the Greeks call him. Steve wants to know what Doris is doing when she takes off for long drives without explanation.

Back on the job Steve and the team are looking into the death of the man in the back of the trunk. The victim is Hawaiian martial arts master Thomas Hoapili, a widower, with a 21-year-old daughter. Thomas had everyone convinced that he owns a wholesale fish market but in reality is a grand master of an ancient and outlawed Hawaiian martial art and his daughter is his secret successor. Enter the Athena complex in this episode. In Greek myth it is Athena who is the warrior Goddess and daughter of Zeus who epitomized the son her father never had.

Plot twist soon follows. Turns out that Kamekona is cousins with Thomas and is grateful for his cousin’s help when he was released from jail. Kamekona leads the team to the land that Thomas owned where his martial arts classes are taught. Along the way Kamekona reveals that he gave his cousin a firearm for protection when he was harassed at the fish market. He also tells Steve and Danny that whoever killed his cousin used that same piece. Meanwhile, Mick is tailing Doris who confronts him at the Supermarket. Her spy instincts still sharp as ever, Mick uses the encounter as an opportunity to get a date with Mamma McGarrett.

Back at HPD, Chin and Kono speak with Maggie who is devastated that she has lost her only family. Thomas has a clean record so Hawaii 5-0 is certain that this may be a vendetta or jealousy. When Danny and Steve explain to Maggie that her father was beaten within an inch to his life, Maggie can’t understand how. Kamekona convinced Maggie to help with the investigation but Maggie disappears in an apparent kidnapping.

An underground fight match promoter of illegal MMA style tournaments and Maggie is going to have to do hand-to-hand combat with one mean female fighter. The whole thing was orchestrated by one of Thomas’ best students, Shane, who wanted to make money by selling out Hawaiian tradition. Shane pushes Maggie into an empty pool and must do battle against a fierce female opponent. As onlookers cheer on Maggie does her dad proud and pummels her rival even with a broken arm. Shane is about to go at Maggie for winning the fight but Steve shows up to break it all up while Danny has everyone arrested.

As for Doris and Mick, Steve and Catherine start kissing on the couch only to be interrupted by Mama McGarrett dressed in her best dinner dress. A dolled up Doris has a date with none other than the P.I. hired to watch her. Steve is not happy because this is not the “keeping an eye on her” that he meant but Doris has figured it all out anyway.

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