Justin Horn's 'Hornology' debut album review

By Steven Mitchell,
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Justin Horn’s debut album, Hornology, can’t be categorized into one specific genre, and that’s what makes this album so great. A mix of jazz, blues, funk and soul are all mixed to generate the pop this album produces.

Before his debut album released last February, Justin grew up in Moscow, Idaho, which always held a yearly jazz festival. You can tell in his music that jazz has always been an influence thanks to that festival.

Horn studied jazz and classical voice among other things at the University of Idaho’s Lionel Hampton School of Music. He would later ditch the musical degree for a pursuit of philosophy, but never gave up on his growing knowledge for music.

When Horn isn’t studying for his Ph.D in philosophy at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, he is off promoting his album, Hornology.

Hornology is an 11 track album that is sure to keep your interest from song one all the way to song 11. The way Horn throws so many genres of music at you in a very creative way is pure talent. The shortest song, "That Way," is set at 3:12. That song also features guest vocalist Ameerah Tatum. The longest song, "You Can’t Get My Love," runs at 5:29.

The album doesn’t open and close the same way either. Two very different sounds start and conclude Horn’s album. While listening, you can tell that almost every song belongs together on the album with a distinct sound to them.

Horn does throw in some very different sounding songs as well. "Short Stack At The No Money Table," a favorite, is different with it being very piano driven and slow. Another favorite, "Same Thing’ll Happen," has a very bluesy rock feel to it.

The overall theme feels like Horn lost the love of his life. It is what I think helps bring out the blues and jazz in the album, and truly drives it to perfection. Hornology is a must-listen-to, even if you’re not a fan of these types of music. Anyone will be able to appreciate the passion Horn throws into this album.



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