Justin Jude's '5 Kinds of Rain'

By Hannah Richman,
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Justin Jude, an Oregon-based singer-songwriter, is guaranteed to tug on your emotional heartstrings with his acoustic EP, 5 Kinds of Rain. The album name stems from a lyric in the second song, "Rose City," which uses different kinds of rain as a metaphor for the plethora of emotions we feel in our daily lives. The whole album follows this theme, portraying both the ups and downs of life and love.

Simple and sweet, Jude knows just how to relate to his audience by singing about topics we can all understand. The first song, "Bleed," will leave you longing to call that person who you may not need anymore, but will always miss. "Hard to Stay Alive" can be applicable to anyone’s struggles and those moments when they feel they can’t be completely understood.

Who can’t find comfort from a soulful singer expressing emotions that we all feel everyday? You can hear the passion and pain in each and every song. Each song is similarly structured, with a mellow tempo and few instruments. The harmonies and powerful choruses complete these songs and make them a great listen. With a Jason Mraz-like sound, "5 Kinds of Rain" is a perfect choice for those days you want to just sit back, relax, and let yourself get lost in the music.

Immediately after I listened to this EP, I downloaded it right to my library. I strongly recommend you do the same.



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