The Lawyer's Lawyer by James Sheehan

By John Neal,
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Jack Tobin is known as a lawyer's lawyer - the guy other lawyers would want to represent them in a courtroom. He is retired from his regular practice and splits his time between fishing in Florida and working pro bono with Death Row inmates. He is called upon to represent a serial killer who once terrorized the small town of Oakville. Jack has his doubts about the convicts innocence but the evidence that put him behind bars is suspicious and he's able to set the killer free.

The consequences are immediate. The killings, more personal than ever, have resumed. And now Jack is hunting the man he set free. He guns down the killer but instead of being praised as a hero, Jack is railroaded into the trial of his life.

James Sheehan, a trial lawyer with 30 years of experience, presents a tightly-woven, fast-paced legal thriller. His experiences in the courtroom help create some of the best trial scenes in contemporary fiction that will keep the pages turning. Sheehan's third book lands him a spot on the list of great legal thrillers alongside Grisham and Connelly.



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