Oli Rockberger – 'Old Habits'

By Cindery Liang,
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Oli Rockberger is a London-born singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, keys sideman and more. He attended the Berklee College of Music (’99 – ’04). He has shared stages and studios with musical icon Levon Helm, Grammy winner Randy Brecker and hip-hop royalty Common and Queen Latifah.

Oli Rockberger has performed in many different countries and has been featured in Time Out (London & NY), The New Yorker, and aired on NPR.

To be honest, none of these meant much to me. Oli Rockberger was still a fairly new name to me. With the history of all the public performances, I was expecting something more upbeat that everyone can sing along. I was wrong.

Oli’s album Old Habits is an album that will ease your mind. While listening, I can visually see a girl with her headphones, sitting in front of her window on a rainy day. The album blew away all my worries and anxiety like a wind.

“Old Habits Die Hard”: The second track of the album shares the same name as the album itself. Oli’s voice is a bit rough, powerful and yet very gentle. There’s a combination of slight sadness and warmth going through me as the song flows effortlessly.

However, if any track stood out for me, it would be the sixth track of this album: “Never Grow Old”. Even without the lyrics, the music caught my attention right away. It felt like I could not resist from the beginning. The combination of the music, lyric and Oli’s voice gave this song such a fulfilled life.

It seems like we were all so eager to grow up while we were little and then cannot hold on to the tail of our youth as we slowly and quickly grow up. It’s painful to grow up and scary to grow old. I thought about Peter Pan and how much I am jealous of him. I thought about the Little Prince from B-612, the fox and the rose.

It felt like I was standing in front of a cracked mirror. I could see myself in many little pieces, but it just seems impossible to put them as a whole. It was both sad and hopeful.

So if you ask me, Old Habits is an emotional album that will give you a moment of peace to face yourself as who you truly are. At least it’s what it did for me.

The Oli I met from this album is more than just a singer, songwriter or producer. He’s a storyteller and he paints great visual pictures with his voice.



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