Plan B - 'iLL Manors' CD

By Samantha Reba,
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Plan B recently released iLL Manors, the soundtrack for the film of the same name. The album is filled with lyrics that pulled at my soul and spoke to me. The lyrics are simple and so humanized. Each song is different from the next. Some songs are slow and drawn out but tell a longing story that is so relateable.

Other songs include vocals from outside singers, but these songs are upbeat and fast, but each word is perfectly enunciated. The beat is easy to follow and goes hand in hand with the lyrics.

Each song is a different story of struggle and sadness. Each lyric is relateable and so easily understood. The feelings of depression, anger and struggle is conveyed through the lyrics and strong instrumentals.

The music offers insight on the lower, working class in Britain. It expresses the daily struggle and the underlying anger towards society and those that play a crucial part.

The songs offer hope and a sense of light in dark times. The album is inspirational and poetic but it defines the struggle and aggression of everyday life within the limits of the lyrics.

The moral is do what you love, no matter how hard and how much you have to struggle to get there.



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