Songs of Water releases 'The Sea Has Spoken'

By Tori Kronz,
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The Sea Has Spoken, by Songs of Water, is a great album. It is a mix of classical and Celtic with a new-age feel. There is a lot of variety in the types of tracks on the album. Some of them have a fast beat, good for dancing, while others are a bit more melodic and flow through the song. The album is almost entirely instrumental and, even when there are lyrics, they do not sound separate from the instruments. Songs of Water does a great job of blending together the lyrics and the instrumentals. The Sea Has Spoken is a good album to have playing in the background at any time. One of the reasons it works so well in the background is the steady flow of the music. There are no sudden changes in tempo, key or style. Even the faster tunes just encourage you to connect with the music rather than distracting you. The songs also have a great motivational feel. They made me feel like I wanted to accomplish something without making me feel guilty if I was just surfing the Internet or playing a video game. And it served me even better when I was reading and writing for class.

The album also sounds like it would make a beautiful soundtrack to something that focuses on nature. I am thinking along the lines of Brave. For those looking for songs to fill out a soundtrack — or even just a playlist on their iPod — definitely check out The Sea Has Spoken. This album is a great listen and really enjoyable. Anything that has something that could be called a jig is going to get my vote of approval!



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