'Thompson Square' Album Review

By Cristina Bermudez,
Real life couple brings genuine life events into album
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Shawna and Keifer Thompson, the real life husband and wife country singing partners behind award winning band, Thompson Square, touches on the highs and lows of their relationship in all of their songs. Released on February 8, 2011, the couple brings the passion to their love songs and keep it light with their upbeat every day life tunes to their self-titled album. They've also been nominated numerous times and had award winning hit songs like "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" and "I Got You."

Their real relationship is what makes their lyrics relatable and loved by so many. With heartfelt ballads that tug the strings of your heart like "Glass" or fun runaway songs like "Getaway Car" their album is neither too heavy nor too light, but their lyrics are true to life.

Thompson Square is human. Pure, genuine life events, that we all go through, put into songs. The love, the fights, the insecurities and even little things like shopping come up in their music.

Starting off the album on a light note with "I Got You" and " Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not," the album's third song," Glass," touches on how fragile love really is.

Their songs give us a story- from beginning, middle and end- from initial encounter to exchanging vows and songs varying from that.

Don't let their county genre fool you, the album is loaded with lots of rock and roll. Shawna and Keifer let out their rock star with the electric guitar in most songs and mix their vocals with who takes the lead, switching from song to song.

"One of Those Days," their final song, is led by Shawna where she really takes control and lets loose along with a lot of guitar riffs, banjo, organs and drumming to bring the album to an impressive end.

Recently, they released a new ballad titled "If I Didn't Have You," expressing how strong their love for each other is and how they can't live without each other.



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