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By Cindery Liang,
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It seems like Tim Permanent has been in the music industry for a while. Three years ago, Tim played at the CIA in North Hollywood. Almost a year ago, Tim also played on “Common Wealth” in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, at the end of last year, Tim Permanent was featured in the song “I wanna have some fun” by Pandora Boxx.

As a song-writer and indie artist based in Los Angeles, Tim Permanent has gathered 255 followers on Twitter and 941 likes on Facebook. At the same time, Time Permanent has created his own “It Gets Better” project to support the movement as part of the LGBT community.

Some people think that Tim Permanent sounds a lot like Owl City and yet I can easily distinguish between these two artists.

After listening to Tim’s tracks for the first time while traveling around the city on a bus, I had to take off my headphones. It appears that Tim’s electronic music style and his “technically-touched voice” (I assume) was a bit too harsh to listen through headphones.

I first noticed Tim’s unique high-pitch voice and my first thought was that maybe he could also try pursuing an opera career with that significant voice. It was after I heard Pandora Boxx’s “I Wanna Have Some Fun." I heard Tim's second voice and I started to wonder whether Tim’s voice in some of his songs were slightly touched with technology tools.

Anyone who has heard Tim's songs would agree that Tim was so gifted as a song writer and a great number of people have recognized Tim’s music talent and found their passion in Tim’s musical style.

At last, Tim’s songs would be a great option for party music and stage performances.



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