Two new singles from Songs of Water

By Elizabeth O'Laughlin,
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The two latest singles from super soothing indie group Songs of Water are a great follow up to their sophomore album The Sea Has Spoken -- “Chiaroscuro” and “Stars and Dust."

“Chiaroscuro” sounds much the same as a lot of the album, but nonetheless intertwines nicely with those instrumental rhythms characteristic of the band. Musically, the mix is perfect. If you can, listen to the track through headphones with good bass. The faint but booming drumbeats in the background set the tone for the entire piece and allow for the strings and winds to flow beautifully over it throughout the first part of the track.

About 3 minutes in, we get a change of pace. “Chiaroscuro” gives the listener more plucky strings, and even a different sort of beat. It almost sounds like a different song, but you can still hear the familiar notes and rhythms from earlier.

“Stars and Dust” is a pleasant surprise to come from Songs of Water. It is one of the few numbers with lyrics, and lyrics throughout the whole song for that matter. It’s totally different from what the band usually does, all the while staying true to those rhythmic instrumental new-age roots.

Beautiful vocal harmonies throughout and folk-y guitar solos make this track one I could listen to on repeat and not get tired of (which is rare). The instrumental bridge, accompanied by flowing “ooh’s and aah’s” sounds angelic.

Whether you’re studying, winding down for the day, or just need a stress-free moment to yourself, give these two tracks a listen. Even if new-age instrumental isn’t your cup of tea, it’s worth giving this band a shot. They obviously know music well, and it shows in their work.



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