Warm Bodies

By Martha Espinoza,
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Hilarious and intelligent, Warm Bodies, directed by Jonathan Levine, could be the most lively film in theaters right now.

For all those zombie die-hard junkies out there who lust over watching lack-of-intellect corpses pig out on brain appetizers – this movie is not for you. I don’t know exactly where, when, or how these “creatures” became the undeniable hit on small and big screens. But they never warmed up to me.

Until now. Finally, someone decided to make zombies alive. Who’d have thought?

If you have read any of my articles, you know I only choose a couple of things to point out in my reviews. So here’s the first: this film features the perfect excuse for a voice-over that works the entire time.

Narration, in just about any movie (except maybe a book adaptation, certainly not Twilight or Mean Girls), kills it. This “technique” does not show anything other than laziness. Lack of effort to try to communicate the story with pictures. Motion pictures.

Some arguable exceptions could be Looper or maybe Titanic. Both of these necessitate the narration to move the story forward since they play out in a non-relatable setting. Plus, they’re awesome.

But R (Nicholas Hoult), here is physically limited, being a zombie and all, to only groaning. No other logical way exists to communicate his thoughts other than narration. Nailing it every time, too. No clichés or worn out pick-up lines.

His analytic results probably correlate a real teenage boy’s thoughts waking up to puberty. These glimpses to boys’ brain picking during that awkward age never get old no matter how many times I watch something like Superbad.

Second: The mix between Rob Corddry and John Malkovich definitely takes this film through the roof. They never interact on the same scene. Malkovich plays Julie’s, played by Teresa Palmer (R’s love interest), paranoid-chief-commander father who is trying to annihilate the zombies and Corddry is, well, trying to live, attacking Bonies and befriending humans. The few lines delivered by these two simply take everything to the next level.

Here's the preview which, despite the fact that it tells you the exact outline and outcome of the movie, doesn't make you want to watch it any less.



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