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By Dominique M. Carson,
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The movie, The Call premiered last Friday in theaters. Halle Berry, Morris Chestnut, Michael Elkund, David Otunga, Abigail Breslin and many more star in the crime movie. I had to see this movie because the previews to the film are eye-catching, dramatic and electrifying. I believe many viewers will see this movie because people can relate to the overall theme of the film: saving someone's life from danger. It is also relatable because many people go through certain real life experiences: kidnapping, robbery, assault or domestic violence.

In my opinion, Halle Berry's character, Jordan, was exceptional, witty and clever in the film. The movie is about a veteran 911 operator who receives a call from a teen by the name of Leah, played by Evie Thompson. Leah is kidnapped by a psychopath in California but she loses her life in the most horrific way. Leah's murder is horrendous and terrifying because her body is demolished in the film. The girl's death is so emotional for Berry's character because she wasn't the hero. Jordan was not superwoman for Leah so she resigns from being a 911 operator for six months. Instead, she teaches other police operators about the ins and outs of being an operator for the police department.

However, Jordan realizes the killer from the first murder is trying to kill another girl by the name of Kasey, played by Breslin. Jordan realizes that she needs to confront this killer so Kasey will not die. So, Jordan takes matters into her own hands and asks other emergency operators, forensic scientists, Kasey and primarily Officer Phillips (Chestnut) since they were together before the call.

The movie will make viewers question the ending of the film, but the storyline is excellent. I would have to say Halle Berry and Morris Chestnut in the film together was surprising, but the end result turned out great. And this movie was great for Chestnut and Berry especially because it shows that these actors can star in various movies: romance, comedy, thriller or crime.

The Call is a movie that viewers will enjoy and it's a phone call that is worth answering.



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