‘Cinderella,’ by Max Eilenberg book review

By Jaime Martinetion,
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I was very excited to sit with my daughter this morning before school and read Cinderella, written by Max Eilenberg and illustrated by Niamh Sharkey.

While we are all very familiar with the traditional story of Cinderella (girl is in rags, girl rides in a pumpkin, hits the ball and wins over the prince), you will be pleasantly surprised with this slightly different version. I have always felt that Cinderella certainly didn’t get her fair share of parties before settling down. In this version, Cinderella goes to three balls and wears three beautiful dresses before trying on the glass slipper that changes her life. In addition, Cinderella’s father (who in other versions doesn’t play a significant role) steps out to announce her existence to the prince.

My daughter truly enjoyed the book and asked to read it again. The illustrations are beautiful and very detailed. This inventive version of a wonderful classic will hold a very special spot in our family's bookcase.



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