The Divorcees - 'Four Chapters' Review

By Maria Miaoulis,
Author Rating: 
3.0 Stars - It's Good

Honky-tonk Canadian group The Divorcees turned to Kickstarter for some help funding their latest CD, Four Chapters, a concept album about adventure and introspection on the road.

Known for their no-nonsense, straightforward songs, this country band follows in the tradition of performers like Willie Nelson, John Hiatt, and Waylon Jennings, and they’ve acquired a worldwide fan base in the process. It is through their listeners’ financial support that The Divorcees raised enough money to make the record they wanted. That’s how they wrote, recorded, and produced Four Chapters on their own, as opposed to their previous two albums.

Four Chapters is divided into – you guessed it – four chapters, each revolving around a particular theme. The premise of the CD is that a restless man leaves his way of life behind when it becomes too tough, taking to the road to start anew elsewhere. However, along the way, he starts falling back to old patterns which he realizes will only lead him back to square one. Vocalist Alex Madsen narrates his journey, explaining where the drifter is, literally and emotionally, and the accompanying songs echo that feeling further.

As I was listening, I found myself being transported back to an old western movie, complete with showdown music and melancholy drinking tunes. The blend of rock, bluegrass, country, and acoustic chords is seamless and unforced, yet still powerfully intense, contributing to the "epic-ness" of this body of work. You might be inclined to write them off as hillbillies when you hear the first banjo strains, but The Divorcees quickly prove they’re so much more than a gimmick when you understand the message they are trying to get across.

For more information on Four Chapters, please visit The Divorcee’s website.



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