FFH's 'Worship in the Waiting'

By Brett Phillippe,
FFH puts a fresh spin on old hymns
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In 2013, veteran Christian folk duo, FFH, made a very encouraging leap forward for Christian contemporary music with their new album, Worship in the Waiting.

This new record, their first since 2012 and eleventh overall, has a bit more folky sound to it, compared with their past records. Littered with bits of old hymns and fresh, new songs of encouragement and passion, this record breathes new life into a once dying breed of Christian contemporary. What was most interesting with this record was how they used banjos and mandolins to give it a bluegrass type sound, not too far off of the crowd favorite, The Civil Wars.

Songs that are of great notice are “One and Only” and “Beautiful One.” With “One and Only,” it gives a soothing ballad vibe, while “Beautiful One” is a lot more upbeat. And as always with FFH, they deliver lyrically with solid messages of faith and encouragement.

Overall, I would give this album a 7 out of 10, as it was a bit slow for my taste but had a pretty solid balance. It just goes to show you that Christian contemporary still has a little bit of life left in the genre.



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