Peachcake’s ‘Unbelievable Souls’ album review

By Lena Finkel,
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So, these guys are clearly nuts. But in a good way, of course. After nearly 10 years together, Peachcake releases Unbelievable Souls, an album full of surprises, good beats, and lots of energy.

Formed back in December 2003 by brainchild Stefan Pruett, electronic/dance band Peachcake is composed of three essential members, including co-writer David Jackman and guitarist Mike McHale. Frontman Pruett originally started Peachcake with friend John O’Keefe as a fun side-project to his other bands at the time. He claims he listened to purely indie punk in high school, making Peachcake rather untainted by other electronic/dance influences.

When the band’s popularity began to take off, Peachcake landed a spot touring with Hellogoodbye and eventually signed with Sidecho records in 2006. Although O’Keefe has since left the band, Pruett has maintained the fun energy of the band between the crazy glasses worn on stage and the upbeat sounds of songs like “Were We Ever Really Right.”

The album kicks off with the song, “Don’t Panic, It’s Organic,” a song Peachcake has been playing since 2010. Incidentally, the song has a terrific dance beat and is one of the best on the album. Of the rest of the 14 tracks of Unbelievable Souls, there are certainly a few I wouldn’t mind skipping, but none of the songs could be considered “throwaways.” The beats are original and the songs full of surprises, like the disturbing scream heard in “The 70s Are OOOOHHHVERRR!” But, even with the unnerving scream, I couldn't help but hit replay after the song ended.

Overall, Unbelievable Souls is full of great energy, and I can only imagine Peachcake is twice as much fun to see in person as they are to listen to.



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