'The Real Husbands of Hollywood' – Season 1, Episode 8 Recap – 'Hollywood Scuffle'

By Kyle A. Jones,
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After an eventful night at the club, Kevin Hart is off to promote his new tell-all book to the world. He goes on air with popular disk jockey and Power 106 radio host Big Boy to explain his reasoning for writing the book, which happens to talk about all of his friends. The Real Story of the Real Husbands of Hollywood talks about Boris Kodjoe, Robin Thicke, Duane Martin and JB Smoove, who are all popular entertainers.

Kevin Hart arrives at the radio show, wearing bandages on his head and a cast on his left arm. He quickly tries to downplay the controversy surrounding his injuries, saying that he got beat up by a mob of fans.

Big Boy: “Mobbed by some fans? It looks like he got thrown into a fan.”

Kevin argues that all of his friends are happy with him writing a book about them and support him 100%. It is a bold lie to cover up the fact that he is telling all of their secrets without having ever asked for any of their permission.

Kevin Hart: “There’s no way I’m going to violate the trust of me and my homies.”

The episode cuts back to when Kevin first goes to Spencer & Collins Publishing because his lawyer, Trina Shaw, believes that he should write a book. Kevin disagrees but goes and meets with the publisher Mr. Grossman anyways.

After telling Mr. Grossman the disgust he has for people like him who dig up dirt and sell it, he is persuaded with the possibility of a seven-figure advance. Having realized the amount of money he could get to tell a few secrets, Kevin changes his mind and writes the book.

JB Smoove: “I’ve never even see you read a sign Kevin, now you’re writing books.”

His friends are completely confused by how Kevin can get so much money out of writing a book, when he seems like a dummy. After golfing, Nick Cannon and others talk about how Kevin’s ex-wife blew up his car, which could be an interesting read. Kevin in turn denies that the situation ever happened, and vows to add more secrets about them in the book.

After the release of The Real Story of the Real Husbands of Hollywood, JB, Nick Cannon and Robin Thicke go to Kevin’s house angry at what they have read about themselves and that their deepest secrets are now in the open. JB and Robin are the only ones in the book however, as Kevin tells Nick he isn't interesting or important enough to make the cut.

The scene cuts to a time when Kevin Hart is signing his books at a local bookstore, when his friends come to beat him up for writing it. After a fan gets her book signed by Boris, Nick jealously snatches the book and autographs it even though he is not in the book; the fan doesn't take it well.

Kevin’s ex-wife Bridgette then shows up with her own tell-all book about him. She lies about him cheating and not being there for her pregnancy with his son, which draws the attention of many female fans in the store and causes chaos. The women become enraged and beat Kevin with their books until he is able to make his escape from the store.

After his radio segment, Kevin realizes that he owes his friends an apology. As the episode closes we see that he does apologize and they forgive him for his deceit and lies, but not without throwing him in the nearby lake so that he is clear not to do it again.



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