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Think of whisky and you undoubtedly think of Ireland. Japan is probably the furthest thing on your mind but that is about to change.

Suntory has been the preferred maker of fine wines and spirits in the Land of the Rising Sun since 1899. Their whiskies embody the harmony between the Japanese people and nature, using only the finest water and ingredients from the Southern Japanese Alps.

Suntory offer three brands of whisky that are rapidly gaining recognition and favor in top bars and restaurants across the United States.


Haskushu is a "green and fresh" single malt whisky that captures the essence of the Japanese Alps. It's pure gold color is pleasing to the eye and it's scent carries the aroma of fresh green leaves, green apple, pear, and soft smoke. On the palate, Haskushu has a crisp flavor of sweet pear and butter cookie and has a soft, dry and pleasantly smoked finish.


Yamazaki is a delicate yet profound single malt whisky that is winning over connoisseurs the world over with its multi-layered taste. Its fruity aroma consists of persimmon, honey, clove, candied orange, peach and hints of vanilla. On the palate you can enjoy its complex taste of spiced wood, coconut, cranberry and butter. Enjoy its sweet, long finish with a woodsy essence.


Hibiki is a real whisky lover's whisky. Aged in various types of casks, including Mizunara, a very rare Japanese oak, Hibiki provides a full orchestra of flavors and aromas to enjoy. Shiny amber in color, it smells of pineapple, plum, raspberry, honey and custard. Its palate is soft, sweet, mellow and smooth. The finish is long and sweet, spicy-fruity, and with a hint of sourness.



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