Bionaire Office Heater With Worry Free Motion Sensor

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This spring has felt more like an elongated winter with freak snowstorms and chilly cold fronts in many parts of the country. For those days when it's not practical to put on shorts and sandals, the Bionaire Office Heater is a discreet, compact way to stay warm.

While Bionaire is best known for their premium home comfort products, this is the first ceramic heater specifically designed for office use. Its sleek design lets you use the heater on the floor or on a desk without distracting from your daily business. The cord wraps for easy storage, and the built-in motion sensor shuts the heater off when you are not around.

Other built-in saftey features include:

  • overheat protection
  • manual user reset
  • cool touch exterior
  • automatic shut off

Practical and effecient, the Bionaire office heater uses 40% less energy than standard 1500 watt heater.

The Bionaire office heater with worry free motion sensor sells for $49.99.



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