Selena Gomez goes Bollywood-tribal-fabulous on 'Come & Get It'

By Christopher Rosa,
Pop star shines with new sound and look
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Selena Gomez has proven herself a powerhouse triple threat.

She has moves like Britney, showed off her acting chops in this year's Spring Breakers and continues to push herself musically.

Her latest single "Come & Get It," which dropped April 7, is no exception. It is a delightful mix of clubby pop fluff with accents of spicy Bollywood and tribal and flavors.

"When you ready, come and get it/Na na na na/Na na na na," Gomez croons on this fantastic song, the only track on Top 40 radio of its kind. In a recent first for pop music, Selena is blending the pounding, glittering sounds of electronic ecstasy with something international. Producer StarGate sets Gomez's slinky and breathy vocals on a mid-tempo camel ride before the chorus bursts into chaos.

"Re-e-e-ady" is delivered in a frothy stutter, perfect for the nasty-no-holds-bar- nightclub grinding that it will cause. Lyrically, it is nothing to write home about. However, the sound is such a departure from Gomez's strict bubblegum sound that it will cause fans to question if she is actually singing. After a few listens, fans will embrace the song's trance-like catchiness just like their idol embraced her newfound singledom.

Sorry Bieber, she's moved on.



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