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By Elaine Alluin,
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Keep Moving is the debut album for Wolfmother singer, guitarist and writer Andrew Stockdale. Due to the breakup of Wolfmother, Stockdale has ventured into a solo career that stays true to the rock n’ roll scene.

About his view on being a solo artist Stockdale told
BlabberMouth.net, “It's a good pressure because it asks that question: is it any good? Do you like this music, do you like the film clips, the artwork. What's it about? I've put my heart and soul into it, and I believe in it."

Stockdale has been working on this album for the past three years. The beginning of the album sounds like Wolfmother since it has the same style. The first single on the album is “Long Way To Go” which has the classic Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath vibe with the heavily induced drums and guitar solo manipulating the sound. It is the best song on the album and it was a perfect opening for the album because it gives us an idea of what to anticipate for the rest of the album.

“Keep Moving” mimics the same rhythm as in “Long Way To Go.” It has a great sound with each edgy riff of the guitar and Stockdale’s folksy vocals. The only downfall in the song is the lack of creativity in the lyrics. Stockdale makes this mistake with the choice of words in some of the songs.

It’s like a gibberish of words like in the song “Year Of The Dragon” with the lyrics, “In the year of the rat came a welcome mat/ In the year of the horse I used too much force/Another year came round/It came round to the year of the dragon.” There is no significance or meaning in the lyrics as Stockdale sings. You are left thinking, “What is he talking about?” The upside is that this song started out strong and hooked you in as it showcased the Led Zeppelin sound again but failed to keep you interested.

Stockdale has a talent for musical sound but the lyrics are pale to comparison. The album shifts to a more psychedelic hippie sound with the single “Black Swan.” It was a nice shift from the heavy metal sound and presents Stockdale’s versatility as a solo artist.

Despite not having lyrical originality Keep Moving is a solid rock album with Stockdale’s astounding vocals and riveting guitar solos.



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