Demi Lovato releases 'Made in the USA'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

Demi Lovato has released yet another single off of her album, Demi.

Lovato’s single, “Made in the USA,” is showcasing her new musical sound. “Made in the USA” takes the risk of combining new age beats and classic instruments, the two opposite styles compliment each other and highlight Lovato’s vocal range. The guitars help to take the song out of the normal auto-tune wheelhouse. “Made in the USA” does show that a little auto-tune goes a long way and that classic instruments can drive a song forward.

Lovato has matured, as a singer and songwriter but “Made in the USA,” while it highlights her impressive vocal range doesn’t push her lyrical writing to the next level. “Made in the USA” is catchy but the lyrics leave something to be desired, going back towards Lovato’s original Disney Channel style. Lovato has pushed herself lyrically with songs like “Skyscraper,” but “Made in the USA” seems to be pretty average when it comes to lyrical writing.

Lovato has really showcased her musical style with this new album and that hard work shows, with many singles hitting the iTunes charts. “Made in the USA” will be a summer anthem and is likely to get a lot of radio airplay.

Demi and “Made in the USA” is available on iTunes.



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