‘Get The Look Kit’ by Kat Von D

By Elaine Alluin ,
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Kat Von D is a glamorous tattoo artist, TV star and owner of High Voltage Tattoo. She is a woman of many talents as she ventures into the world of makeup.

“Get The Look Kit” is a limited edition item and has become a bestselling palette at Sephora. The palette has eight eye shadows; two smudge proof eyeliners and a makeup bag designed by Kat Von D.

The colors on the palette are a pitch matte black, a midnight blue, a silver blue, a yellow that could be used for a base color, three different shades of purple, and brown. These colors can be used in a variety of ways to make a dramatic and bold statement with your eyes.

The two smudge proof eyeliners are called Autograph Pencil in Homie that is a shimmery purple and Black Metal Love. The eyeliners are waterproof and the smudge-tip can help you create a smoky eye effect or emphasize your eyes.

Makeup is a form of art, expression, and individuality. It can give women or men the ability to transform like a chameleon. It has the power to protect your skin, a sense of security, and authenticity. This palette will give you a chance to experiment and explore with dark eye shadows that will channel your inner rock star ego.

“Get The Look Kit” sells for $39 at Sephora.com.



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