'The Dating Games # 1: First Date' by Melody Carlson

By Samantha Reba,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Forget about The Hunger Games! The Dating Games # 1: First Date, by Melody Carlson, is the new series to which you should be drawn.

No one plays the game better than a group of high school girls looking for Mr. Right for their upcoming homecoming dance.

Devon, the newest girl to the friends group, is sick and tired of the same boring routines. Plus, not one of the guys will give her the time of day, no matter how hard she tries. So why is that?

All the guys at their private school have accepted a no dating challenge that their principal has assigned. They must abstain from dating or even going on school dates.

But the girls are not having it and come up with DG. Dating Game is their own group that allows them to strategically finds dates for all five girls in the group. So in order to make the boys break their vow, they’re pulling out the big guns. Makeovers, sweet talking and Facebook messaging are all just a part of the game. But all the girls must adhere to a set of rules and stealing boys or ditching the dance are just a few.

So where tensions rise due to several unwanted males' attentions, the girls have to work together to get the guy of their dreams to ask them to the dance, even if they have to suck it up and ask them themselves.
All is fair in love and the dating games. With the boys slowly cracking and going with the girls, a cycle is broken that will make history.

This is the first book in the Dating Games Series. It’s entertaining, clever and an overall great read.

Can't wait to see how the girls conquer the next school dance: a masquerade where anything is possible.



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