Farewell Fighter - ‘Challenges’

By Elaine Alluin,
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Challenges is the debut album from alternative pop punk rock group Farewell Fighter. The album will be released on August 6, 2013. Farewell Fighter will be having a record release show that will take place at Rocketown in their hometown Nashville, Tennessee.

Farewell Fighter consists of vocalist Kenny Fleetwood, drummer Matthew Hooper, guitarist Taylor Easterwood, and bassist David Jahns. The group came together in 2008 and said on their Tumblr, Farewell Fighter, “We started this band as an attempt to make a change in the world in the only way that we knew how; through music.” It took them five years to catch their big break in the music scene.

Farewell Fighter had their fair share of setbacks with losing a member, people not believing in their talent, and breaking up for a week. With trying to find a balance between their personal life and dedication to the band, the boys found a middle ground and composed a fierce pop rock album.

The album opens with the song “Bridges” that showcases Fleetwood’s raw vocals that change from hardcore screaming to mellow rhythmic singing. It’s a fast track that captures each member’s talents and sets the tone for the album. The song “Epitaph” starts off with a catchy clapping sound that collides perfectly with the guitar riffs and melodic bass line.

The album shifts to a softer beat in the song “Golden,” which has a mainstream sound and sheds Fleetwood’s vocals in a different light. The sound is mirrored in the following song “Grow” that is a catchy love rock ballad. It has an electric pop rock sound that professes his feelings for his girlfriend. With the lyrics, “We met our match when we met one another and it’s not sad/ But I’ll still st-st-stutter when I tell our friends all the things you did/ To hold my calm advances/ How romantic can a poor boy be?/ I’m a 5 and you’re at least an 8.3 and it occurred to me that you may be out of my league.”

Challenges literally embodies the struggles and challenges Farewell Fighter have faced to achieve their goal of creating a full length album. It is an album worth listening to and is the beginning to Farewell Fighter’s music success.

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