'Nowhere But Up: Teen Edition' Review

By Samantha Reba,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Everyone knows the name of Justin Bieber. Children, young adults and even parents can recite the words to his catchy songs.

But what about the name: Pattie Mallette? Does that name ring any bells? Well, she is the young, loving mother of Justin, who has done everything to give her child what he needed.

In Nowhere But Up, Pattie Mallette gives personal insight into her life and struggles.

The story is heartrending and uplifting. Pattie Mallette is a strong-willed woman who has lived a life full of abuse, regret, God and life changes that made her turn her life around.

She was raised by a single mother when her father left her at the age of 2. She longed for love and warmth. After being briefly reunited with her father at the age of 9, he suddenly passed away.

As she grew older, she endured years of sexual abuse that left her feeling ashamed and worthless.

When her mother remarried, Pattie gained new step-siblings but felt excluded and isolated from their new happiness.

After the death of her father, her continued abuse and teenage angst, she turned to drugs, alcohol and unprotected sex at an early age.
She had relationships that wouldn’t last (especially with Jeremy, who would later become Justin’s father).

In an especially dark time, she tried to commit suicide and failed. Her family sent her to a hospital and it's there that she found guidance in God.

She saw God as her savior and personal guide in times of doubt and guilt.

Mallette instilled her love of God and religion into her son’s life.
After accidentally getting pregnant, Mallette promised herself that she would do anything to provide for her child and she did.

As a mother, she sacrificed but did everything to give Justin a normal upbringing under a single mother. Justin’s father, Jeremy, always played an active role.

It was only a matter of time before Justin’s skills went viral and he has his mother to thank for that.

This was such an inspiring story and such a fresh perspective into the eyes of a parent of a child star.



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