'We're the Millers' is a funny, entertaining, wild ride

By Lauren Wheeler,
Fake family on a real adventure
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

We’re the Millers is a funny movie. It is raunchy, vulgar and even slightly heartwarming. While it may be an impossible plot, the cast makes it believable and interesting.

Millers tells the story of a small-time pot dealer, David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) who owes a drug lord (Ed Helms of The Hangover) enough to be forced into carrying pot across the Mexican/American border.

David believes that he can’t possibly get the drugs across the border, but then gets the idea to create a fake family and cross the border in a RV. He invites his neighbors, Rose (the still hot Jennifer Aniston) a struggling stripper; Kenny (Will Poulter, the star of the show) a virgin, naive teenager; and Casey (Emma Roberts), a grungy homeless girl to pretend to be a God-loving, sweet, normal family. Their perfect plan obviously doesn’t work. Mexican drug lords chase them and their RV breaks down.

Sudeikis proves himself in his first post-SNL role. He is greedy and sarcastic, but charming at the same time. I found myself rooting for him - even though he was breaking the law. David wasn’t exactly smart, but he wasn’t dumb either and Sudeikis had the chops to play a character such as that.

Aniston held her weight as well. She played down-on-her-luck stripper Rose. While she was one of the more serious characters, Rose was not a weak character. She was smart and ruthless. Rose was the glue that kept the entire “family” running.

The kids, Kenny and Casey were pretty talented as well. Emma Roberts was perfectly rebellious. However, it seemed that some of Casey’s story line was a bit boring and her moments weren’t as funny as the other’s. Roberts was perfectly cast and her acting was great, but Casey was annoying.

The star of the movie, hands down, was Will Poulter’s Kenny. Kenny went through the most changes. He went from having a mother that doesn’t care to getting his first kiss. His scenes of innocence and confusion completely wrap up the perfect cast. Let me just say this, I laughed the hardest when Poulter’s character got a bug bite.

This movie is truly worth watching. However, if you don’t like vulgarity, stay away. Millers is riddled with curse words and a few parts that may offend the fair at heart.



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