Call Me Anything impresses with new EP

By Meral Kathwari,
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A new boy band has hit the ground running. Call Me Anything has been together for over a year, and they just released their new EP, “The Best Damn Time.” The album, which featured five songs, was just a preview to the things this band has in store for their fans and we can’t wait!

Will Tenney and Matt McNulty are two names you should remember. The two are originally from Boston, Mass., and have been passionate about music since they were kids. Now they are college heartthrobs who have gained a strong fan base and are starting to sell out venues across America.

If you’re a fan of The Ready Set, Emblem Three and Paradise Fears, keep Call Me Anything on your radar. They’re a band that can appeal to any pop rock fan base.

The band has had their ups and downs in recent years and has been trying to find a stable group. They’ve gone through a few drummers, and they’ve let go of a few members because the vibe simply didn’t work. Finally, the inevitable happened: they are now stable and on the rise.

After hearing their new EP, I’m sure I’m not the only one who was shocked that they only have three members. Their new EP sounds like they’re more than four because of their seriously magical instrumental skills. The band always seems to keep things fresh and new.

“The Best Damn Time” peaked at No. 85 on the Pop 200 charts this week. They also recently sold out their homecoming concert in Boston, Mass., at The Middle East.

They are currently aren't signed to a label, but it won’t be long before we start hearing them on the radio and people humming their eclectic tunes.

They’ve had two other singles that have gained recognition, “Let’s Talk” and “Celebrity ft. Dylan Owen.” They also release covers of mainstream songs often.

“Try This Again” and “Our City,” both songs on their new EP, display how extremely talented and flawless these boys are and prove that they're nothing short of perfection.

Check out their lyric video for “Good Thing” below:



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