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When you think of "bed of nails" you undoubtedly think of an Indian guru or yogi lying on a bed of sharp metal spikes. Meditation, ritual and practice allow the fakirs to their bodies to a seemingly painful and dangerous test, but the even distribution of their body weight over several nails means they can lie down and not suffer any pain or discomfort.

The ancient bed of nails has been reinvented for a modern, therapeutic use. Instead of sharp metal nails, the new Bed of Nails is made with thousands of non-toxic plastic spikes that are harmless to the skin but beneficial to your health.

For just 10 minutes a day, the Bed of Nails can help rid your body of toxins and make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The pressure of the rounded "nails" on your skin has an acupuncture effect that helps release endorphins - the body's natural "happiness drug - that provides a feeling of joy, relief, energy and relaxation.

Over time and with consistent practice you'll be able to rest longer on the Bed of Nails and enjoy further relief from common ailments such as: stress, headache, constipation, tiredness, insomnia, tension, back pain, muscle aches, and malaise.

Bed of Nails should be kept away from small children and pets. It should not be used in case of skin irritations, haemophilia or the intake of anticoagulants. If you are uncertain regarding any health-related issues, always consult your doctor before use.

You can find the Bed of Nails at BedOfNails.org.



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