Aloe Blacc releases music video for 'Wake Me Up'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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“Wake Me Up” by Avicii, featuring Aloe Blacc, has become a breakout single for both artists. The techno-beat driven anthem has taken the radio airwaves by storm. Blacc is now presenting a new version of the hit to fans through his latest music video. This visually stunning music video features an acoustic take on the song. The vocals of “Wake Me Up,” have been simplified and showcase Blacc ability to tell a story through his vocal performance.

This version of "Wake Me Up" trades heavy dubstep inspired beats for simple instrumentals. This musical change shifts the focus to Blacc’s vocals. The lyrics are performed beautifully by Blacc and are put into focus for the audience. This change in focus results in new dynamics and emotions that can be felt during this acoustic version of "Wake Me Up."

Aside from the changes musically, the new video for “Wake Me Up,” features the stories of people overcoming complicated situations involving a variety of issues, including immigration. The storyline of the video matches with the emotional and personal vocal performance delivered by Blacc.

The end of the video explains that most of the actors in this video have lived this story. The individual stories of each actor are explained at the end of the video.

Fans who treasure the Avicii version of "Wake Me Up," will be able to see the musicianship and emotion throughout this video.

Listen to the stripped down version of "Wake Me Up."



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