Avicii drops second single, ‘Hey Brother’

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Avicii has found incredible mainstream success with his single, “Wake Me Up,” which features Aloe Blacc. Now Avicii is releasing his follow up single, “Hey Brother.” The song features the vocals of Alison Krauss and Union Station member, Dan Tyminski.

Avicii has proved that he can blend many musical styles into one seamless sound when he released, “Wake Me Up.” “Hey Brother” blends techno, dub-step beats with traditional bluegrass and country music influences. The two very different musical genres find common ground and compliment one another.

Much like “Wake Me Up,” this song gains its momentum from the vocalists. The lyrics from Krauss and Tyminksi are captivating within the first few lines of “Hey Brother.”

Avicii has found a way to combine his unique style of music with passionate, thought provoking lyrics. If this is the new direction of music heading forward into 2014, fans should be excited for what is coming next.

Listen to “Hey Brother” here.



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