Jason Aldean releases ‘When She Says Baby’ music video

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.5 Stars

Jason Aldean has released a new music video for his next single off of Night Train - “When She Says Baby.” Even though the video is a montage of clips from Aldean’s recent tour, fans will still like the video for the sexy, upbeat country song.

Aldean has been through a lot in 2013, from cheating rumors to a divorce but this video is showing that Aldean is ending the year on a high note. The country superstar had a very successful tour, album and hit after hit.

Music and the stage seems to be a place where Aldean can fully be himself and not worry about the problems currently taking place in his life. That feeling is highlighted and celebrated in this video.

“When She Says Baby” has the makings of a classic Jason Aldean song. It has a catchy chorus, heavy guitar rifts and highlights Aldean’s hard yet smooth country vocals. Aldean has a signature sound all is own. He has combined rock ‘n’ roll with country music and the result has been positive and popular.

Night Train has been one of Aldean’s most successful albums and fans can only hope that 2014 will be as good of a year musically as 2013 was for Aldean because in the end the one thing that truly matters to the fans is the music.

Watch “When She Says Baby” here:



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