Pitbull premieres video for 'Timber,' featuring Ke$ha (Video)

By Andrew Wilson,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Pitbulls’ song “Timber,” featuring Ke$ha, premiered after their live debut of the song on Sunday’s American Music Awards.

The country-tinged sound of a harmonica and washboard start in the background as Ke$ha throws open a swinging bar door to get the video started. The sexually charged song is accompanied by an even faster based video, with images flashing back and forth between the two artists in various scenes, but also, like any Pitbull video does, focuses on a bevy of hot women who line dance with Ke$ha and perform a Coyote Ugly-esque routine on a bar.

Mr. Worldwide’s No. 1 song, with an infectious beat and danceability will get any club jumping, and the new video with scantily glad women dancing throughout will surely be a hit as well. Hearing any song with Ke$ha’s voice in a studio setting, rather than live, is always welcome too. Or at least, more welcome.

“Timber," along with four other tracks, comes off the deluxe version of Pitbull’s album Global Warming dubbed Global Warming: Meltdown which came out Monday also. For fans that already have Global Warming, a companion EP simply titled Meltdown which just includes the five songs is also available.



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